(EN) This project was about the creation of three images based on Alfred Hitchcock’s work. I focused on the following movies: Dial M for Murder, Vertigo and Psycho. After an analysis of those movies I noticed that the stairs often held an important place. They play their own part as partners in the crimes committed. I chose three pictures of stairs according to the atmosphere of each films. The gashes are placed as hints of the hidden violence and the tension that you can sense in the movies. They draw the viewer’s attention to the stairs and make them question their status. This process of making the viewer question what he is seeing is close to Hitchcock’s habit of direction of audience. The clues are given, the answer is suggested.

(FR) Travail de création d’images basé au format affiche sur le travail du réalisateur Alfred Hitchcock et plus particulièrement sur trois films : Dial M for Murder, Vertigo et Psycho. Les escaliers tiennent une place très importante et fonctionnent comme des personnages complices de crimes. Les déchirures sur ces images illustrent la violence cachée, la tension, et attirent le regard des lecteurs sur le statut des escaliers. Hitchcock avait pour habitude de diriger ses spectateurs, de les mettre sur la piste. Ici les indices sont donnés, la réponse sugérée.

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Hereinabove the three pictures, from 1st to 3rd, Dial M for Murder, Vertigo and Psycho. And an edition compiling the iconographic researches I made to lead to this set.
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